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Tue, 12 Nov 2013

    Hey Folks! Your friend River here. I'd like to share a piece of my journey of creating, giving and receiving life and love, and it has a lot to do with really good food. This fall I got to fly over to my dear friend Sarah, in the land of hearty rye sourdough bread, bikes, ducks, fertile mama bellies, a hundred yummy bowls of goodness, and flocks of birds that fly over the sunset every night. Living life in Copenhagen has been the flurry of energy of two earth women helping and learning from each other so beautifully, while gettin' down creatively with the most delicious earthly goods. And now, there are recipes to share and be loved forever in kitchens all across the land! :). I finally got to spend more than a few loved-up days with my summer sister, this time as she grew belly full of a baby and a beautiful epic book of recipes that nourish and build our natural state of health. Including of course, the very healthy state of just being plain full of delight and wonder. 
Check out Sarah's blog for a wealth of ridiculously delicious recipes and valuable info: ...I'll let you know when the book will be in print! It has been a big belly laugh of blissyness dancing around the kitchen, prancing around town with veggies on bikes and cookin up the most delicious crops we can think of or find to keep us feelin' fine, and oh my, shall be a tool of pleasure and healing for so many of mama earth's children. 

Laura took this picture of me while we were walking through the forest above the ocean! Check out her photos!:

Laura took this picture of me while we were walking through the forest above the ocean! You can see more of her photos!:

All of us, we are the earth's children. The energy of the universe is in our hands, runs through the roots and the rivers, and the earth and sun and moon all get together in the dance of it all. While we are here, moving through these earthly bodies, we are offered life-giving rainbow-coloured sustenance to power and heal and create our lives. Despite whatever. I keep learning just how magical this flow of life is, what it means to to focus on love, and have life energy move through matter.

Isn't this what is happening everytime we eat and digest a meal? Eating is truly both a personal and communal affair unique to the creature experiencing it. Each life is going through a special process with different needs and desires at different times and places along the adventure, and the quality of the food we choose to bring into our bodies and souls and those of the people we love, performs its resonance. I think we owe it to everything to listen to our natural gut feelings and keep educating ourselves on what truly nourishes our bodies and spirits. We are creating wellness in the world by starting from our very own feeling bodies. When it comes to everyday chow, whether you end up spending more time communing with veggies and/or friends in the kitchen, tasting tantrically, or just have an extra kiss to give a loved one, farmer, or patch of dandelions, you will likely remember that there is so much life and love in edible sources that have a profound effect on the way we feel day to day.


Sadly, our "modern" food system is complex and confusing to say the least, and despite the simple goodness of real earthling food, it can sometimes be hard to steer clear of the harm and dopyness that a muddled confusion of industrial commerce comes up with. Heading into a grocery store one may wonder why there are so many boxes full of stuff that depletes both the health of our families and our living planet, and how it has become the norm to accept poisons and imbalances in the most sacred and intimate of places. Right now, I'm going to go with it being the universe's way of showing us a contrast, of asking us to rediscover our reverence for the living planet and ourselves, awakening to the miracles and abundance the earth is and can be. Shifting gears in the way we eat might seem like setting limitations, when really, it can be a discovery of the brilliance of energy and creation itself. Eating real food in its wholeness is a journey of glorious new sensations and feelings that empower our existence! Take a moment to breathe and give thanks at the beginning of a meal, maybe say I love you to some one or something, and you may just see a vibrating, trippy bit of heaven before you. While your tummy prepares to receive, you might feel yourself honouring your reasons for being here, and you'll fuel your mission, and get to be in tune with your own wiring for bliss.  


The earth gives us love, and we can eat it and have our being of love ..and dance and sing forever! Life and Love, in this way, are made tangible and tasteable. Much peace and love to everyone out there on the journey connecting with their own delicious earth body! Thank you so much. Rock out lovers! Ahmen , Om heart

Feeling oh, so high.

Sun, 27 Oct 2013


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